Dear Friends,


my name is Eugene, I am a professional simultaneous interpreter and translator with 20+ years of international conference experience, Member of AIIC - The International Association of Conference Interpreters, and the proud Founder and Managing director of SounDXB.

SounDXB is the epitome of my 25 years in the interpretation industry and the last 10 years of everyday conference support work of our multi-talented team in the UAE consisting of event managers, conference interpreters and sound engineers, partner event agencies, production and translation companies.

SounDXB’s overwhelming success in the UAE is the showcase of what can be achieved even in a crowded marketplace if you remain true to your mission and values of integrity, quality and true partnership.

SounDXB’s mission is to help build a world without cultural divide and misunderstandings by assisting our customers in achieving their communication goals. 

We engage only the best qualified professional interpreters that we handpick for each event depending on the event’s topic, industry and requirements, from our broad network of freelance translators.

Each event is unique, and we work with our customers to develop the most technically sound and cost-effective equipment rental solution without unnecessary redundancies and supplier-induced demand.

We never stop learning and welcome challenges and disruptive developments in the global fast-changing event industry. COVID-19 accelerated some of the value-adding processes in the event industry that we had been working on even before the pandemic, including virtual events and RSI - remote simultaneous interpretation. We are proud to have been the first company to provide full virtual events with RSI in the UAE and remain the leading provider with more than 100 virtual events supported since January 2020. 


What better place to apply our unique know-hows than Dubai, the event capital of the world?

So don’t hesitate. Give us a call. Drop us a line. Request a quote. Ask us, how we can help your next event event in the UAE shine.

Eugene Sinelschikov

Member of AIIC - The International Association of Conference Interpreters

Founder and MD

SounDXB Conference Interpreting Specialists