Q: What makes you different from other equipment companies? What is one reason why we must choose SounDXB?

A: If we had to name one reason, that would be our long and multifaceted experience in the conference business. We have been in the shoes of all parties to a conference. Our Founder and Managing Director is a practicing simultaneous interpreter, so we know how to select the best interpreters and make sure they deliver a top service. We have been providing technical solutions for conferences inluding equipment rentals for over 15 years, so we know all technical aspects and possible customer requirements inside out. We are also conference organizers, so we know what it is like to deal with a provider. This makes for a very well rounded experience and expertise.

Q: You claim to have the lowest prices on the market. How come?

A: We are not here for a quick buck. Our business model is based on long-term customer relationships and return customers. We are OK with recouping our investment over a long run. Furthermore, our international reach and a strong base enable us to keep our overheads minimal, so they don't translate into high prices. Also, we own our equipment, rather that subrenting it from other suppliers, eliminating the need for expensive markups at the expense of the customer. 

Q: Can we rent simultaneous interpretation equipment from you, and the public address system from the venue?

A: Yes. Although we do recommend to hire the entire set of solutions from one source, some venues come with pre-installed PA systems, complete with speakers, mixers, amplifiers etc. We work with the venue's AV professionals to ensure seamless technical integration. 

Q: We are planning a mega event. How much equipment do you have?

A: We have not yet come across an event that we would not have been able to service. When necessary, we can draw on the resources of our partners that operate the same or similar equipment as we do. So rest assured, with SounDXB you are in good and most capable hands. 

Q: How can we be sure that the quality of interpretation will be of high standard?

A: We only cooperate with full-time professional interpreters, for whom translation and interpretation is not a hobby, not a part-time job, but a passion and a life-long journey. We can always provide CVs of interpreters that we recommend for any particular event, and the final decision is yours. 

Q: What if we have last-minute changes of technical requirements, such as the number of participants?

A: No problem at all. We live in a dynamic world, and requirements change all the time. We can usually accommodate extra requirements, and will always work with you to make sure you have a smooth event. 

Q: What if after the event you come up short of some of the equipment?

A: Safe return of all rented equipment is the responsibility of the customer, and we expect the customer to compensate the replacement cost of any lost equipment. This sometimes happens to infrared receivers and headphones. Infrared receivers are not a simple gadget  that can be bought in any electronics shop off the shelf. They have to be ordered in large numbers, and their procurement takes weeks, this is why we treat their replacement seriously. 

Q: Do you have any discounts?

A: Yes!



  • Sizeable discounts of up to  20% off simultaneous translation equipment rentals in Dubai for customers who hire both the interpreters and the equipment.


  • Special discounts for customers that book  early. Confirm your booking 10 days in advance and get up to 10% off, confirm it 30 days in advance and get up to 30% off!*

                                                                                                                                                 *  Terms and Conditions apply

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